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Versatile, Economical, and Built to Last

Federal Steel Residential Storage
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Steel Outbuilding
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Federal Steel Exterior Finish Option
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Steel Post Frame Building
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Federal Steel Systems Hangar
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Industrial Automotive Federal Steel
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Custom pre-engineered steel buildings save you time and money. Large or small, from a commercial metal building to a basic shop or utility structure, experienced designers will develop and produce the building that will meet your needs and your local code requirements. 

  • The design of your unique building is engineered to your specific local building & environmental code requirements.

  • Your pre-engineered steel building is pre-punched, pre-cut, pre-drilled, pre-welded, pre-fitted and prepared to be assembled at your location.

  • Each building is custom designed to meet your particular design, unique exterior colors, needs and wants.

  • Pre-engineered steel buildings are less labor intensive, saving you substantial construction costs.

  • Steel is the least expensive of all the available construction materials.

  • Steel in impervious to all types of weather elements and is fire-resistant. 

  • Compared to other building construction, pre-engineered steel buildings will be up to 30% less to insure.

  • Many exterior options to make your steel building look like stone, brick or stucco, if desired.

  • Many unique doors, windows and other accessories are available to customize your building for your specific style and application.

  • Pre-engineered steel buildings are considered to be lifetime buildings; they require very low maintenance and upkeep.

  • Commercial, industrial, community, retail, worship, recreational, storage, mini-storage, office, and strip-mall style buildings are just a few of the possibilities that abound with pre-engineered steel buildings.

  • Contact us today to explore your options and get a free estimate.

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