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Your Personal Oasis Whether a it’s a grand, master bath spa or a small powder room, when it comes to bathrooms, the beauty is in the details. There are many elements and components to consider when creating your ideal bathroom.

Lighting, storage, fixtures, and of course plumbing are critical, but each can also add an element of luxury. Heated floors, towel bars, steam showers, jet tubs, multiple faucets or shower heads are examples of ways that your bathroom can become a spa-like oasis. However, equally important are correctly designed and installed ventilation, water flow, water heating, electrical outlets and ease of access/space requirements.

TJSC can help coordinate all of it with you! Whether we are working from your existing plan, or if you are in need of our design expertise, we’ve got you covered. Bathroom remodeling, or new construction, we are the contractor that will give you a unique bathroom that pampers you every day.

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