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How Family Dynamics Can Help You Choose The Perfect Custom Home Plan

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Happy family building new custom home with custom home plan and house plan

Building a new home is exciting and full of possibilities. Your current and future family dynamics play a vital role in choosing a home plan that's right for you.

Those who have, or are anticipating, young children are wise to look beyond just the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Does the the house plan include a mudroom, an adaquately sized laundry room, a rec room, and places to store all of those toys? As kids get older, consider where they will do homework, hang out with friends, store their backpacks & sports equipment, and eventually, even their vehicles. These little humans tend to require a lot of stuff!

Middle aged couple at home in custom built home in their kitchen

Empty nesters often look forward to downsizing to a smaller home. Less square footage to maintain can be quite an appealing thought! If not a smaller home, perhaps square footage dedicated to more customized uses is in order. Whether it's a crafting room, a workout studio, a workshop, or a home theater, the possibilities are endless. Instead of converting an existing, recently vacated bedroom into a specialty room, with a new build, the room can be created specifically for the intended purpose. Proper lighting, flooring and storage are a few of the elements that can make a specialty room truly special. This plan features a lower level billiards room with a wet bar and a wine cellar.

Those with current or future live-in relatives may opt for a plan that includes a separate, private apartment suite. A private entrance and parking, and a separate kitchen within the apartment suite allow for the best of both worlds - independent living, with the security of family right around the corner. This plan embodies the lake cabin style, while incorporating a separate, full kitchen on the lower level suite.

Woman in wheelchair at home in her custom wheelchair-friendly house

Single-level living, or plans that include an elevator, offer ease of mobility and lessen the strain of carrying heavy loads. This often appeals to elderly or physically challenged folks. Maintenance-free siding and deck materials are also a good option for less upkeep. This plan is a single-level that boasts the popular Craftsman styling and an open-concept interior. This plan has an elevator, and it's wheelchair friendly.

Of course, each and family is unique. TJ Specialty Construction can build from a home plan you've purchased, such as some of the plans linked here. We can also help you modify and customize a purchased plan. Best of all, we can create a custom home designed especially for you. Either way, we want to build you a home that suits your unique lifestyle. Contact us today to see what we can create for you.



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