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5 Exterior Maintenance Tips for Your Home This Spring

As the snow starts to melt and the frigid air becomes a distant memory, it is time to start planning routine maintenance for the exterior of your home. Once these important steps are complete, you can rest assured your investment is protected and ready for another season! Intensity and need of maintenance may be based on the age of the home, as well as weather conditions experienced through the winter. Read on below to see five suggested maintenance tips to add to your to do list this spring!


1. Roof leaks can lead to costly repairs and unexpected expenses.

Residential home asphalt shingle roof

Pay attention to areas around your vents, chimneys, and skylights to ensure there is no bending, damaged flashing, or exposed nails. Also, keep an eye out for any missing or discolored shingles, as this can lead to leaks and further problems down the road. Be sure that there are no defects or imperfections in the roof structure or shingles. Shingles will naturally experience granule loss, in a process known as asphalt shedding. Be sure to monitor granule loss, as this is an indicator of when it is time to replace shingles. If you have a newly completed roof, monitor granule loss to ensure that you are not experiencing premature granule loss. This could be indicative of faulty or poorly constructed shingles.


2. The gutters on your home help protect the siding and foundation from the harsh elements of winter.

Home gutter clogged with debris and leaves getting cleaned

Gutters that are in disrepair may cause flooding in basements or crawl spaces. Maintaining repairs and clearing out your gutters will help keep your house dry and prevent any future problems. Additionally, make sure gutters are properly installed and fastened. Gutters often experience build up of debris and leaves. Investing in gutter guards can help to prevent this buildup of debris. For professional assistance in installation or product assistance, check out Advantage Seamless Gutters or Rainy Day Gutters today!


3. Concrete naturally wears down over time, leading to potential cracks.

Pay close attention to any forming cracks in driveways, patios, sidewalks, and the foundation of the home. Repair for cracked concrete is exponentially easier the smaller the crack. Left unattended, concrete cracks may develop into a much larger scale repair job, often requiring professional repair. Many homeowners opt to hire a professional service for this job. Other homeowners with the DIY itch may choose to clean out the cracks and patch the crack with compound or caulk.


4. One important task is examining the exterior of your chimney for any signs of damage.

Inspect the flashings to make sure they are properly in place and monitor for any gaps in

Old brick chimney needing repair

the mortar at the joints. Having the flue cleaned and inspected by a certified chimney sweep is a great idea to ensure proper routine maintenance is performed. Visit Element Hearth and Home for all of your chimney cleaning needs!


5. It is beneficial to give your decks and railings a good cleaning after winter.

Be sure to look over your deck parts and re-fasten the railing as needed. Also, be sure to thoroughly inspect your deck, railings and steps for peeling, splintered, loose or warped boards, and loose or raised screws, as this can be a safety hazard for your family and future

Northwoods cabin composite deck with cable railing

guests. It is also important to inspect your deck for any ice heave damage. When water in the soil freezes during the winter, the water’s volume expands. This exerts pressure, thus experiencing frost heave. Seek a professional consultation to discuss long term solutions to the structure of your decking and footers to prevent future frost heaves.


We want to hear from you! What exterior maintenance tasks are on YOUR to do list this Spring?



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